VP Pence on Mueller Investigation: 'It's Time to Wrap It Up'


It's nearly like the man on trial for murder with the evidence stacked against him, telling the judge "Your Honor I think we should stop this now, for the sake of the jury". Still, he easily won the primary largely because of his younger brother, who represented the 6th District for a dozen years before becoming IN governor. Pence has raised $1.2 million and spent almost $1 million as of mid-April, making it the most expensive race among Indiana's congressional districts.

Muncie businessman Jonathan Lamb was Greg Pence's biggest threat as an opponent in the primary; Lamb accused Pence of dodging debates and simply relying on his last name to win the race.

On this Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, file picture, Greg Pence talks about his congressional marketing campaign throughout an interview at Zaharakos in Columbus, Ind. Pence is operating for the sixth Congressional District seat presently held by Rep. Luke Messer. He once ran a now-bankrupt chain of Tobacco Road convenience stores.

"Pence often expresses his adoration for the president on camera", the anchor said, "and an unusual adoration for his 'broad shoulders'". Trump's political advisers view the event as a way to project party unity following a bruising primary. He has mentioned he would deal with points reminiscent of infrastructure, veterans' affairs, fixing the immigration system and well being care.

And several state Attorney General opinions over the years have said there is no requirement that a person maintain a house, apartment or any fixed physical location.

Also running in the GOP primary are Stephen MacKenzie, Mike Campbell and Jeff Smith. With 23 percent of precincts reporting, Pence had 67 percent of the vote.