Celtics beat Sixers to book spot in East finals


In 2010, he played his last game as a Cavalier before running to Miami. He's the best player in this game.

Kevin Love and George Hill have gotten healthy for Cleveland, but let's be real: This series comes down to guarding James. Despite what most people think, Houston had the sixth best defensive efficiency rating in the league this year at 103.8. Every one of them said, 'Hell no, he's going for the money.' I've never asked him this question.

The numbers this season don't really back up Morris' claim.

"Just the history, you look up in the rafters, and you see all the greats that's either played there or the previous arena they played in", James said of playing in Boston. He can stay in front of James, and he can absorb the hefty blow James can administer with his shoulder in the post.

Per usual, then, the Celtics will roll out their standard cast approach to covering James, whose playoff-best 34.3 scoring average and nine assists per game obscures the rest of the field.

All that said, our Mark Carman tried to put an end to the madness.in the video below, Carm goes all out in hopes of trying to make sense of the argument, pointing out that Jordan won six championships and a half-dozen NBA Finals MVP awards to boot. "Marcus is big, strong, competitive guy, but you have to guard LeBron as a team".

And even Morris will happily admit he can't do it alone.

All of what happened (and what was said) before - from both the Celtics and Morris - might not matter at all. "It's a team effort". However, someone should tell Marcus Morris about making comments about LeBron.

That's a big advantage. Can the undermanned Celtics keep their Cinderella run going against the mighty LeBron James?

That doesn't make it impossible, though, as their execution throughout the 48 minutes will be key to what many would consider an upset.

The storyline, though, is totally different from the last time they met on the East's biggest stage. And there was no help. If you made me bet my house, I think I would go with Golden State because I've seen it before. Morris thinks he can defend the king just fine. "I thought Nate did a great job".

Nelson said if the Cavs "sell out" on taking 3-pointers away, players like Rozier and Brown will need to take the ball to the rim for points. He looked very confident.

James wouldn't narrow down who the Celtics' "head of the snake" is. That has been sharpened and hardened over the years, facing vicious opposing crowds (many of which were in Boston). In the first round, Celtics fans taunted Milwaukee guard Eric Bledsoe with chants of "Who Is Bledsoe?" after he unwisely made a comment about Celtics playoff phenom Terry Rozier.

Any list of anything this time of year basically has to start with LeBron James, still generally considered the best player on the planet even at 33 years old and in his 15th National Basketball Association season. In typical LeBron fashion, he completely defied the naysayers by playing just as well this series as the last.

But while the 33-year-old has the utmost respect for the NBA's most decorated franchise, James' admiration hasn't stopped him from standing in the way of Boston stuffing more Larry O'Brien trophies into its crowded case. "So they really wanted me here, and not only because of that, just the toughness and things like that".