Is Is Forecasts Guess in lethal Paris knife attack a 'soldier'


A knifeman shouting "Allahu akbar" was slain by police in central Paris late Saturday night after he killed one person and wounded four.

The Amaq News Agency, the Islamic State's media outlet, said "the person who executed the stabbing in Paris is a soldier of the Islamic State" and acted in response to calls to attack anti-Islamic State coalition countries.

The incident took place about 600 yards from the Palais Garnier, the home of the Paris Opera, an area popular with both tourists and Parisians, on a Saturday night when the bars and restaurants there are often full until the early morning hours.

Police shot and killed the man shortly after the attack began, French authorities said. Two were in serious condition and two others had minor injuries.

"France once again paid the price of blood but did not give an inch to the enemies of freedom", he said on Twitter.

"I have just seen the person who was most seriously injured, she is better, she is saved", he said.

Eyewitnesses say police officers first tried to taser the attacker - but then fired two shots after this failed to stop the assailant, France24 reports.

"The attacker entered a shopping street, I saw him with a knife in his hand", he said. A large area was cordoned off where police, fire and rescue vehicles converged.

"Then the bartenders told us to come inside very quickly".

France has been on high alert over the last three years due to a string of terrorist attacks that have been commissioned or inspired by the Islamic State.

The interior minister said the lives of the four injured people are no longer in danger.

France has been repeatedly targeted by IS and experienced multiple deadly attacks.

French police have been criticized in the past for failing to prevent attacks.

An unidentified suspect carried outside a traumatic assault Saturday day at the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris, north of the Seine River, which ultimately led into two casualties, including the attacker.