Alleged Render Of Xbox Controller Designed For Accessibility Revealed


However, it seems like Microsoft is set to change that as it is now working on a new gaming controller for its upcoming gaming console with a revamped design and a newer form factor. The controller has two circular buttons that are similar to the touchpad found on the current generation of touchpad controllers.

According to a tweet from a tipster, Microsoft is expected to launch this new gaming controller in E3 2018 along with the next generation Xbox gaming console.

Sending someone a game gift can be done using Windows 10, any Xbox One, or in a web browser. The three LED lights seem to correspond to the programmable functions, with the white button toggling user control schemes.

As well as providing the ability to charge the controller, that USB port would likely be used for programming the pad to suit the gamer.

This isn't the first time Microsoft would have designed a controller that works well for gamers with physical limitations.

The new controller might look amusing to most gamers, but this one is being designed for accessibility purposes.

The process of gifting games has been made pretty easy, where you just head over to the Microsoft Store via a Windows 10 operating system or the Xbox Store, and then you search up or navigate to the store page with the product you want to gift, and then you select to purchase that product.

Along with the games listed above, you'll also receive a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass (effectively giving you access to over 100 downloadable games), and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold. What we can not see in the photo is the existence of the R-L buttons which may be on the top of the gamepad.