North Korean delegation visits China


President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appear to be on a collision course over what comes first: Disarmament or sanctions relief.

Whether it be sitting down with the leaders of Mexico, Canada, China and Japan to negotiate fairer deals for American workers and farmers, traveling to Europe to put real and meaningful preconditions for the continued use of USA assistance dollars, dealing with the dysfunctional United Nations, or most recently using both the carrot and stick in dealing with North Korea and Iran, the President is changing America's role in worldwide affairs for the better.

A high-profile North Korean defector who fled Pyongyang's embassy in London is voicing skepticism about Kim Jong Un's intent to completely denuclearize. That seems like it can be addressed by restrictions on missile capacity and/or some treaty which eliminates by some definition how much we consider North Korea a "threat".

"He further quoted a recent statement by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un saying, "(nuclear weapons) are a treasured sword for protecting the peace. At its inaugural meeting, the commission made a decision to seek to hold a ministerial-level meeting with North Korea by mid-May. "I would say that Iran and North Korea probably (have) taken up over half of my time, and a lot of that obviously is - is helping him make the decisions and get ready for these meetings".

The prime minister also said he will fully cooperate for the upcoming US-North Korean summit so that it will provide an opportunity for progress and settlement on the North Korean issues.

The broadcaster said later the group had arrived at the Diaoyutai government guest house although the identity of the visitors was not immediately known. State-run media has repeatedly chided the U.S. for saying North Korea must give up its weapons completely for sanctions relief, with a foreign ministry spokesman saying this month the USA was "deliberately provoking" the country.

From the outset, there was little reason to think that North Korea would agree to surrender its nuclear weapons and the infrastructure and labs required to build them.

"It's an ambitious program", Bolton said. But our options are not good - fundamentally because North Korea is already a nuclear power, even though we've refused to give that fact our blessing. North Korea reportedly asks virtually nothing of the U.S., while the United States asks North Korea to disarm completely and immediately.

Narang said that more likely, Kim and Trump will partake in a photo shoot with handshakes and kind words.

"The Americans have a real problem here because they have raised expectations about the summit, and they continue to do so", he said.