Pompeo urges bold N.Korea action to denuclearize


Mike Pompeo noted the USA has often in history become good friends with former adversaries.


Pompeo stated that that any settlement with North Korea should embrace a "sturdy verification program" to make sure that Pyongyang complies, including that the Trump administration was targeted on ensuring "we did not find yourself the place we have been earlier than" of their talks with North Korea.

"Giving it up soon after Kim Jong Un himself labelled it the "treasured sword for defending peace" and a firm guarantee for the future?"

He will soften relations and sweet talk South Korea's president for a while, then he will march his troops in and take over South Korea.

Administration officials say the goal is to make sure the government can no longer threaten the USA or its allies. And he used words like warm and substantive, which was a bit surprising coming from this, you know, tough-talking former congressman and Central Intelligence Agency director.

Kang says there must be "airtight" coordination between South Korea and the USA ahead of President Donald Trump's upcoming meeting with Kim.

KELEMEN: So Pompeo says he thinks that he has a pretty good understanding with Kim about what the mutual objectives are. The two leaders will jointly prepare for the U.S.

Kang stressed the importance of the USA troop presence on the Korean peninsula, and argued that the removal of US forces from the area should not be part of negotiations. "So let's take a look at where these bad actions are coming from".

"The next few weeks will be critical, requiring airtight coordination between our two countries", Kang said.

His remarks came during a joint news conference held with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha. Now, she was here, by the way, also to plan for her president's trip to Washington later this month.

Meantime, Kim has already milked huge benefits from Trump's agreement to meet him which gives him recognition as a major global player. What is each side looking for in the run-up to those talks?

"What Kim Jong Un has said publicly and in discussions is that he is prepared to negotiate to achieve complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", he said. He has balanced his criticism of the North's nuclear program with hints of ambitious economic promises in exchange for a "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization". He calls it a big undertaking. He brought home three American prisoners freed by Kim in what Pompeo said was an important gesture that helped pave the way for the meeting.

Despite the high probability of a meeting between the USA and North Korean leaders, it is yet unclear whether the sides will be able to reach agreement, the expert noted.

"It is regrettable that North Korea did not invite nuclear experts to the destruction of the test site", it said in an editorial. His decision to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports has left global markets in a state of flux and unnerved some of America's closest allies about the potential for a trade war.