Ryan Reynolds singing in a unicorn costume will make your day


Most of the best parts in Deadpool 2 are the surprises, and most of those would be plot spoilers, so I'll refrain. While it doesn't hammer that theme home as effectively as last year's "Logan" - a film Deadpool definitely is not a fan of - there are some surprisingly poignant moments, in both Deadpool's character arc and Cable's back story. Pointing out problems doesn't do much when you just make the same problems.

Reynolds is once again at his arch and nihilist best here, while acting and jumping in so much facial prosthetics that it makes him look like he's inside melted cheese - or, as the first movie put it, an avocado that had relations with an older avocado. One or two of the gags land - such as a non sequitur about Guy Pearce - but Deadpool 2 is mostly just a carbon-copy of its smugly satisfied predecessor. He recruits a slew of new superpowered oddballs for a crew he dubs X-Force.

It's not the only character trait/flaw they share; neither play well with others. The sequel doesn't have the advantage that the shock value of the first film's humor had and struggles to be more than just Deadpool redux before finding its own voice in the beginning.

It's no secret that comic book movies are a lot more common than they used to be.

Worse still, some of the fight scenes, particularly the ones with Cable and Deadpool, come off as lazy and boring.

All of those are still true about Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2. The idea of Deadpool being a part of a team was teased in his first film and will be explored a bit more in its sequel, but seeing the Merc With the Mouth being a part of a larger ensemble will be fun to watch.

Variety says, "At its best, the film resembles an ultraviolent Looney Toons spinoff, with Reynolds once again going full Bugs Bunny behind either a mask or a mountain of makeup - his extremities all akimbo, his rapid-fire comic patter usually landing on just the right side of obnoxiousness".

Nobody expected the first Deadpool movie to be a hit. The jokes and inside-baseball jokes - crafted by screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, as well as Reynolds, who gets a screenwriting credit this time - really kick into high gear. It's a home run. That does not, however, mean the final product won't tack on one, as the early screenings of the original Deadpool did not contain the Ferris Bueller-inspired post-credits scene that assured audiences there would definitely be a Deadpool 2 featuring Cable. Fox has had their fair share of troubles with their superhero offerings in the past, but they've really found something special with this franchise.

We'll see if Jackman decides to respond to being called a "flesh-covered speedbump", especially after Deadpool 2's estimated $150 million opening weekend. You want to have a good time?