US Seeing Gas Prices Rise Across the Country


According to the AAA, as of late April, the national average for unleaded gasoline was $2.73 a gallon, yet many states are already seeing prices at or above the three-dollar mark.

More than 41.5 million people will travel for the 2018 Memorial Day weekend, which is 4.8% more than past year, according to AAA travel club. The current average is $2.94 per gallon, which is up more than 60 cents per gallon from this time previous year. California and Hawaii continue to lead the pack with highest prices at $3.69 and $3.67, respectively.

Now, with the start of summer driving season just weeks away, the possibility of $3 per gallon gas - something analysts were dismissing as recently as the beginning of this month, is looking like more and more of a certainty.

"Ranked the most congested country in world, USA drivers are all too familiar with sitting in traffic", INRIX Chief Economist and Head of Research Graham Cookson said in a statement. A month ago it was $2.33 and one year ago it was $2.29. That's almost 5 percent more than a year ago and the most since 2005, AAA says.

Gas prices will likely continue to rise this week, but likely at a slower pace than the 6-cent rise seen this week. Nationally, gas prices have been on the rise since the White House announced the country was withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Prices in Vermont have gone up 4.6 cents per gallon to an average of $2.85.

Hardin County has the lowest gas prices at $2.76.

The travel services firm, which tracks holiday travel throughout the year, said in a news release a total of 41.5 million Americans will travel for Memorial Day weekend this year, the most in more than 12 years.

The higher prices at the pump come ahead of an anticipated record-breaking Memorial Day weekend for travel. Airfare is down seven percent from last Memorial Day at an average of $168 roundtrip, vehicle rental averages are down 11 percent to $59 per day and three-diamond hotels dropped 14 percent to an average rate of $186 nightly.