Little progress made on any Brexit issue


Instead, he said, ministers had wasted months on two "fatally flawed" options - a customs partnership under which Britain would collect tariffs on behalf of the European Union, and a streamlined customs arrangement which would depend on technology to reduce any friction at the new border with the bloc.

"I don't think that works". "Because as I have often said, the clock is ticking".

The backstop, a fallback position or guarantee that there will be no infrastructure on the Border and commitment by the United Kingdom to maintaining North-South regulatory alignment, is part of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement that is supposed to be finalised by October.

Less than a year ahead of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, or Brexit day in March 2019, the EU's top negotiator Michel Barnier has revealed that there has been "little, or very little" progress in talks about the conditions for the United Kingdom to leave.

Barnier later said that there had been "a little, not very little progress" but warned that more was urgently needed. "What is worrying us in particular is the Northern Ireland question where we expect a substantial accommodation from the British side".

As Britain is expected to outline its immigration rules later this year, the report urges the government to set out a broad, post-transition immigration policy by early 2019 so that companies have enough time to adjust.

But a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May says the "focus is on getting things right", rather than meeting a deadline.

"The Committee strongly urges that the (Foreign Office) develops and transmits to the European Union detailed proposals for future co-operation in the area of foreign policy and defence", it said.

And he defended the EU's stance over the UK's involvement in the new Galileo sat-nav system.