Pakistan condemns ex-PM over comment on attack on India


Immediately after the meeting Pak premier, ShahidKhaqanAbbasi met his mentor, Nawaz Sharif, who earlier in the day during a chat with reporters read excerpts from his interview to Dawn and dispelled the notion that the comments were falsely attributed to him.

Imran Khan said that by such statements Nawaz Sharif helped Indian stance against Pakistan army get strengthened considerably.

Nawaz on May 12, during an interview with a local daily, had stated that "Militant organisations are active. Why can't we complete the trial?" he had told Dawn newspaper.

The statement also blamed India for the delays in Pakistan proceeding with the Mumbai attacks trial.

The top civil-military body clarified India, not Pakistan is responsible for a probe into the Mumbai attacks.

The statement was a rare rebuke of Sharif by a government run by his own party, highlighting political tension in the run-up to a general election expected in July.

He added that Sharif's candid admission about the presence of "non-state actors" on Pakistani soil and their involvement in cross-border terrorism is nothing new, as he has merely repeated what the rest of the world has been saying for a long time.

He said that despite making sacrifices (in the fight against terrorism) Pakistan had "isolated" itself and that its views were not being accepted internationally, while that of Afghanistan were.

Pakistan did not keep its end of the bargain and sent the case to court without really investigating the conspiracy that led to the attacks.

Or is one to presume that he was helpless because his government was working under the command of the Pakistan Army and the ISI?

"Militant organizations are active".

The NSC meeting, which was attended by the top civil and military leadership, categorically dismissed Nawaz's recent statement on the 2008 Mumbai attacks and unanimously termed it "incorrect and misleading".

Sharif's comments have also allow the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz's opponents a new opportunity to attack the ruling party.

The Supreme Court disqualified three-time prime minister Sharif from office in July a year ago over unreported sources of monthly income of less than $3,000 from a United Arab Emirates company, a salary he denied ever receiving. "This only proves India's stand has been right all through the way", Sitharaman said.

"Parties remove leaders when they prove to be a burden for them", he said adding that PML-N could never dare to take action against Nawaz Sharif as it has turned into a syndicate of corruption by constantly safeguarding the ill-gotten wealth of House Sharif. He indicated that his country should look into why its narrative that it had been fighting terrorism had not been accepted by the worldwide community "despite sacrifices".

Not only opposition parties, including Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehree-i-Insaf (PTI), launched a frontal attack on Sharif after his statement made headlines at home and overseas, but also leaders belonging to the ruling PML-N didn't endorse his statement.