Deadpool interrupted Colbert's monologue to do some Trump jokes


Although, there was one celebrity guest the superhero did not want on Colbert's show.

In less than two days, fans lucky enough to snag Thursday night tickets will finally be seeing Deadpool 2, the much-anticipated sequel starring everyone's favorite fourth wall-breaking, chimichanga-loving mutant mercenary. Look at that! Deadpool? "This is CBS, I know how old your audience is". Is fair for Wade to call DC "dark" after Justice League?

"Don't be disgusting, Stephen", Reynolds added. It says a lot about Deadpool 2 that the mid-end credit scenes are the best part of the movie. It is a darker movie than the last one, at times asking you to take things seriously.

Colbert: "Well, obviously, that would be lovely, but I already have a guest".

Deadpool: "I'll be the judge of that".

"I'll tell ya who should not be on your show: Ryan Reynolds". Ryan Reynolds. Huge ***hole.

"Because you're all mostly white men?"

"One person I definitely talked to was Hugh before I threw him over the coals".

Playing a movie superhero has got to earn you some clout with kids. right? And then, when I got the movie, I read the comics and actually I loved the comics. When a super soldier arrives on a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero - all while kicking 50 shades of ass.

Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool): "You're absolutely right". I'm Stephen Colbert, and I'm legally blind.

"The administration is still dealing with the fallout announcing that the USA will be pulling out of the Iran deal", the red-suited hero said in the monologue. It's Trump's biggest pulling out blunder since Eric. "You always get to sort of find some way to position him as the underdog or take everything away from him, but for him to function in an ensemble [in X-Force] is a lot of fun". There is cute and rude conversation going on and David keeps on slamming the door at Deadpool's face, who also brought along several goodies to say sorry. "Could've been three prostitutes". It's R rated in the USA, if that gives you an idea of its tone.

"Deadpool 2 might not be exactly the sequel we need, but it feels like the one we deserve".