YouTube's Revamped Subscription Platform Will Launch Next Tuesday


There will be a trial period, according to the report, and after that the new subscription music service will cost $10 per month, putting it right in line with the major competitors, like Spotify and Apple Music.

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The New YouTube Music will replace the original service that launched in 2015.

As usual in this type of service, the YouTube Music application will offer us a personalized experience recommending songs and playlists that we like, a feature that has become part of everyday life for many of us. For ad-free music and downloads, you will need to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. With YouTube Music, users will be able to search for artists and songs, both recorded and live.

The new YouTube Music app on Android.

YouTube to launch music streaming service on 22 May

The launch of YouTube Music comes after a flurry of activity at the streaming giant, which on Wednesday revealed it would provide artist credits to more than half a billion videos on its platform, and which last week announced changes to several of its global charts, including for top songs, top artists and top music videos. "It's a little bit of an art and not a science, because you might be using YouTube to research something, and we really want to be playing things you want", he said. If you're at the gym for example, it will suggest various workout playlists. Subscribers to the service can also play video in the background on mobile devices (which is nice for podcasts) and you'll be directly supporting creators. YouTube Premium will be charged at $11.99 for all new members, the company said.

In addition to YouTube Music Premium, Google is re-branding YouTube Red as YouTube Premium.

Starting Tuesday, we're rolling out the new YouTube Music experience in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea*.

In 2014, it debuted YouTube Music Key, a subscription service that never expanded beyond a small, invite-only crowd of testers. It will expand more broadly in the coming weeks. If you want to know when the new YouTube Music is available in your country, head to and let us know you're interested. The service is slated to later be launched in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.