The US Embassy moved to Jerusalem and Gaza exploded. What Now?


Israel's government said Bardawil had proven that its forces had acted appropriately in response to the mass attempt to cross the border with Gaza.

Putin and Erdogan also discussed the Syrian settlement and Russian-Turkish cooperation in the energy sector.

The violence in Gaza that preceded the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem on Monday has once again reminded the world of the risky consequences of President Donald Trump's decision to move the US diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv to the disputed city.

These too have been brutally suppressed by Israeli forces, with 117 people Palestinians killed over the past six weeks.

The violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis kicked off this week amid the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestinians in the weekly protests in Gaza demands the right of return to Israel and the lifting of a decade-old naval blockade.

Jerusalem's status is perhaps the thorniest issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the U.S. embassy relocation infuriated the Palestinians.

Former Guatemalan foreign minister Gabriel Orellana has said Morales's embassy move has the effect of banishing his country "to the fringes of the UN".

Turkey on Monday recalled its ambassadors from Israel and the United States in protest of Israel's handling of the Gaza border riots, which came on the same day as the dedication of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

The death toll appeared to deter a second day of protests that had been expected Tuesday to mark 70 years since Palestinians fled or were forced from their homes with Israel's establishment. The possibility of peace has continued to recede, and Israel's democratic character has continued to erode under the pressure of a long-term occupation of millions of Palestinians who lack sovereignty of their own. Israel, however, accused Hamas militants of carrying out bombing and shooting attacks under the cover of the protests. As in previous demonstrations, smaller groups of protesters broke away and moved closer to the border fence, burning tires, throwing stones or hurling firebombs.

The killings took place as Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka was opening the new USA embassy in Jerusalem. "We are in an acute state of disequilibrium, which can only correct itself with political progress [on renewed peace talks] or an outbreak of violence".

HAMAS said 50 of the people killed by Israeli forces on the Gaza border this week were its fighters. "I believe these outrageous statements are aimed at avoiding an honest conversation", Lavrov added.

"The only alternative would have been, in that case, to mow them down one and all", he said.

Organizers say the Gaza protests are civilian actions, noting the absence of Israeli casualties, compared to 107 Palestinian dead and thousands of wounded.

Patientswith gunshot wounds filled wards and hallways in Gaza's under-equipped and overwhelmed hospitals, with dozens still waiting in line for surgery a day after the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war. Palestinians hope to gain part of Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. "The marches will continue until our people achieve their goals", Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.