Jared Kushner's security clearance has been restored


Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, had his security clearance restored after nearly three months in limbo.

The New York Times has confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has concluded their background check into President Donald Trump's son-in-law and policy adviser.

The White House defended the drawn-out process, claiming it wasn't unusual with Kushner's complicated financial history and contacts with numerous foreign officials.

He said Kushner's clearance was decided by career officials in the intelligence community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Lowell said the terms "witness or a subject or target of the investigation" were in fact "words that you guys in the media report and they make no sense to people who are practicing lawyers".

"Having completed all of these processes, he's looking forward to continuing to do the work the president has asked him to do", said Abbe D Lowell, attorney of Kushner, in a statement.

Kushner is set to regain top security clearance, and has been interviewed by Mueller about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Kushner has been operating under a temporary security clearance for several months. Like the president, Kushner was previously a wealthy real estate magnate and headed up his family's company.

A background check of Kushner run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation took more than a year to clear.

The Kushner team believes he is now finished with all ongoing inquiries, which also include the investigations by congressional committees, according to a person close to Kushner.

Kushner's security clearance reinstatement comes after a second meeting he had with Mueller in April, in which he answered questions for seven hours. Those clearances were stripped in February under a new White House policy, it added. At one point, the White House had dozens of employees awaiting permanent clearances before Chief of Staff John F. Kelly ordered an overhaul of the process.

Married to Trump's daughter Ivanka, Kushner is a special advisor to the President and his special envoy on the Middle East Peace Process.

Whether the restoration of Kushner's clearance is somehow related to his cooperation with Mueller is not immediately clear.

But experts also pointed to more innocuous explanations, including that Kushner's extensive travel and overseas contacts, as well as his business interests, are more complex than many incoming government officials' and might have taken more time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to explore.