Amazon Echo records couple's private conversation, sends it to a work colleague


The report points out the call warning them to unplug their Alexa devices was from one of her husband's employees in Seattle to whom Alexa had sent the private conversation. Their Amazon Echo recorded it, and then sent the audio to someone on their contact list.

Going into damage control, Amazon has confirmed that the story is true but at the same time said that it had "determined this was an extremely rare occurrence". He told them he had received an audio file of them discussing hardwood floors, she said. The caller turned out to be someone who worked for her husband.

Nonetheless, Danielle said she felt "invaded".

There have always been accusations that digital assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are constantly listening in on and recording conversations, and recent events in Portland, Oregon are simply going to serve as extra fuel for conspiracy theorists. Alexa then interpreted background conversation as "right".

Amazon's Alexa voice interface is in hot water after a U.S. family claimed a private conversation was recorded and forwarded by the Echo platform. The Alexa voice inside the Echo has a series of checks to ensure that messages are not sent without the explicit consent of the people stood around the device but somehow Alexa mistakenly thought that those checks had been satisfied.

"My husband and I would joke and say I'd bet these devices are listening to what we're saying", Danielle said.

The representative "said 'our engineers went through your logs, and they saw exactly what you told us, they saw exactly what you said happened, and we're sorry, '" she said. The pair continued talking in the background and the Echo system interpreted part of the chat to identify a name in the couple's contact list.

But with the latest case of Alexa recording and then sending a private conversation without user's knowledge, questions will be raised around what triggered this.

Amazon had then admitted the problem, and said it would roll out a fix for the same.

Open the Alexa app on your device.

But those who do not want Alexa to listen to them at all can press and hold the microphone button on top of their Echo speaker until it turns red. We have no doubt that the company will inform us in a few days that it has discovered the issue and fixed it so it will never happen again.