Milwaukee Police Release Bodycam Video of Arrest & Tasing of NBA's Sterling Brown


Officers can be seen surrounding Brown and forcibly putting him on the ground, with one officer then using a stun gun on him.

The two have an exchange before the officer tells the Bucks guard to "back up", and accuses him of not answering a question about his name despite not giving him a chance to answer.

Four minutes and 20 seconds into the video, two additional police cars pull into the parking lot.

Other officers arrive, and suddenly one of them orders Brown to take his hands out of his pockets - and the player tells police he has "stuff" in his hands. After Garner was killed in 2014 when police officers held him in a headlock in NY, players (including then-Bulls guard Derrick Rose) wore shirts that read "I Can't Breathe".

"I find it disturbing that an officer would incite an argument over a parking citation", Mr Royal said. "You been to the Moon?"

Morales says officers "acted inappropriately" and that those officers had recently been disciplined.

"With the national spotlight that is already on Milwaukee, and that will, I'm sure,'s our honest hope that this moment in time, and the video, and everybody that sees it, that it helps to ignite a level of dialogue and discussion about police-community relations that we just have not had in the past, and also a level of change".

Milwaukee police had been braced for a backlash over the footage, after Mayor Tom Barrett said earlier this week that he had found it concerning.

"The common denominator in all of these situations has been racism towards the minority community, the abuse of power, and the lack of accountability for officers involved", Brown said. The officer called for supervisors, who appeared to escalate the situation. Who are the officers that are being disciplined? "This is a slap in the face to the victims' families and communities", he said.

He noted that "There must be mutual respect, and both sides have to figure out how to accomplish this".

When Brown exits the Walgreens, he is confronted by a Milwaukee police officer.

The Milwaukee Police Department and local officials have acknowledged the challenges they are working to address, and we urge them to enact higher standards and more direct accountability.

National Basketball Association players have publicly supported victims of police brutality in the past.

During his news conference Monday, Barrett said the Morales video was not related to the incident with Brown.

The video contradicts the incident report, which claims Brown was acting "very aggressive" and "physically resisted" when officers tried to handcuff him. We are doing that. "We have hundreds of interactions with citizens each day, and those contacts end positively".

Morales did not take questions from the media.

" "Contempt of cop" is neither illegal nor a reason for police use of force", the statement said, in part.

The memo goes on to say that the total is $22.1 million if a pending settlement of $1.9 million in a stop-and-frisk lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union is included. "Help them perform at the levels you deserve and demand - set them up for success".