Trump welcomes North Korea's 'warm' response to canceled summit


According to the White House, U.S. officials had become frustrated by North Korea's elusiveness in the run up to the planned summit. The U.S. should build a coalition of like-minded countries that commit to prohibiting North Korean overseas laborers. The North also lashed out at Trump's hard-line national security adviser, John Bolton, before it criticized Pence and said it has no interest in talks that amount to a unilateral surrender of its nuclear weapons.

When I said I didn't know, he replied that he thought it was Donald Trump's move. China is North Korea's protective power and probably the largest geopolitical competitor of the US.

Trump's cancellation of the summit came amid mounting skepticism about the North's sincerity after the country's earlier threats to scrap the Kim-Trump summit. He added that security on the Korean peninsula touched on China's core interests and that conflict should be avoided at all costs.

Apparently, Mr Trump decided against warning Mr Moon or other allies of his decision because he was anxious about leaks.

North and South Korea are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

South Koreans pinned their hopes on a summit to come between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump. One analyst marveled that the North Korean response was "close to an apology letter". "I have no doubt that the inter-Korean meeting was held in good intentions, and perhaps Kim really liked Moon for the effort that he is putting in, but it's too much of a great leap to meet with Trump", said private tutor Amanda Toh.

Politically, Mr Trump had invested heavily in the success of the planned summit.

The reversal followed a warning from North Korean vice minister of foreign affairs Choe Son Hui overnight Wednesday that Pyongyang could "make the US taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined".

Just a month ago, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was smiling with pride as he grasped the hands of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, a young and brash leader with a nuclear arsenal, as they announced aspirations for a nuclear-free peninsula and permanent peace.

Then, after that, a senior White House official said the North lacked judgment and had reneged on its promises ahead of the summit. The foreign official, in a dramatic break with the diplomatic tenure of prior talks with US officials, said that if talks were canceled, the two countries could instead engage in a "nuclear-to-nuclear showdown".

South Korea maintained an optimistic tone on Friday, referring to the North's conciliatory reaction to Trump's announcement and its hope the summit could take place later. Given his mercurial personality, is it possible, many South Koreans wonder, that Mr Trump might resort to some sort of pre-emptive strike despite the horrendous loss of life that would nearly certainly entail.

First, China needs to know that the US will hold it accountable for any efforts to undermine sanctions on Pyongyang.

Also demonstrating near the embassy were members of an all-women's delegation of representatives from civil society groups based in the U.S., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and other countries. Libyan leader Muammar Gadafy was deposed and murdered by Nato-backed militants after halting his nascent nuclear programme. In an apparent conciliatory statement Friday morning, North Korea also expressed its "willingness to sit down face-to-face with the US and resolve issues anytime and in any format".

"A summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea would play a key role in denuclearisation".

China, North Korea's main ally and trading partner, has said the United States and North Korea should show patience and meet each other halfway, following the cancellation.

Park Jung Eun, Secretary General for People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, a civil society organization that advocates for democracy, also condemned Trump's move.