TAYTULLA birth control packaging error — RECALL ALERT


Allergan released this image showing the incorrect packaging for birth-control treatment Taytulla.

It says four placebo pills were placed out of order in the Taytulla packs. Modern birth control pills that are lower in estrogen have fewer side effects than past oral contraceptives.

In the affected packs, the first four pills in the pack-rather than the last four-were inactive, potentially putting women at risk of pregnancy.

The company said a correctly ordered physician sample pack of Taytulla should feature 24 pink capsules with hormones followed by four maroon capsules without hormones and the reversed order could cause unintended pregnancies.

The spokesperson said that the recall was made due to an error in a single pill pack, and so far, no other sample packs with the error have been identified, either within the recalled lot or in other lots. "The reversing of the order may not be apparent to either new users or previous users of the product, increasing the likelihood of taking the capsules out of order", the FDA said. May 2019 since August 27, 2017, and are concerned that you may be impacted by this issue, please consult with your physician. The company learned about the error after one physician reported it. Patients can contact Allergan at 800-678-1605.

STAT points out this is just the latest negative news for Allergan so far this year.

On Monday, Allergan's stock closed down 1.91 percent.