How Cavs Winning NBA Finals Could Cost Browns Safety Millions Of Dollars


Randall has promised everyone on Twitter who retweeted the following that he will buy a jersey for them - if Cleveland beats the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. Randall, who was traded from the Green Bay Packers to the Browns earlier this offseason, recently posted a tweet about the Cavs that set Twiter on fire. As you can see below, the tweet said Randall would buy a jersey for anybody who retweeted him if the Cavaliers won the National Basketball Association championship.

With 695,000 retweets and counting, Randall doubled down on his promise Tuesday night after a fan accused him of bluffing. He responded to one skeptic by saying he would "100 percent" deliver on his pledge.

"I definitely didn't think the Cleveland fanbase would go this insane about it", Randall continued.

As of Wednesday's evening, Randall had 885,000 retweets. "Obviously, it was a joke, but just to know how passionate this fan base is, I mean, it's just really encouraging".

It turns out, some things are too good to be true.

Though some fans understood Randall has no obligation to root for the Cleveland teams, others were not pleased.

"They will love me when they see me play Free Safety", Randall tweeted Sunday, adding three emojis symbolizing faces with tears of joy.

Even with a wholesale discount, this many jerseys would rack up quite a bill.

It should be noted that Randall didn't say he will buy everyone a Cavs jersey.

Kyrie Irving (L) in the Nike Kyrie 3 and Stephen Curry in the Under Armour Curry 4 during the 2017 NBA Finals.

I definitely didn't think the Cleveland fan base would go this insane about it.