MP asks if Prime Minister 'smokes pot' after $4.5B pipeline purchase


If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to go to the wall to save the Trans Mountain pipeline and get oil to Canada's west coast, federal Conservatives say he should be equally willing to do the same to revive a pipeline that would have brought oil to Canada's east coast.

The Globe and Mail quoted B.C. Attorney General David Ebby as saying "The province is fully living up to its commitments under the agreement, and we expect that any future owner of the project would live up to theirs", noting that the original agreement between the province and Kinder Morgan included no condition that the provincial government can not change its mind about the Trans Mountain expansion.

Notice that protestors against the Kinder Morgan purchase, never mention what are the job alternatives if there was no Kinder Morgan, which includes B.C. premier John Horgan.

We are endeavouring to move positively into the next decades without further harming the Earth.

The letter the AUMA will send to the Prime Minister supports the Trans Mountain Pipeline, it is stated. In my opinion, it was also his final and fatal fall from grace.

January 12, 2016: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says in a written submission to the NEB that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is in the best interests of both Alberta and Canada.

Kinder Morgan effectively wiped its hands of a potentially lucrative pipeline project because the politics of this not-that-united country was putting its shareholders at risk. "We only have to win one or two to stop this, and I believe in the Canadian constitution protecting our Indigenous rights", George said.

The politician leading the charge against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline says the fight will continue in court, regardless of who owns the project.

Earlier this month, her government passed a law giving Alberta the power to limit oil and gas exports to other regions, which could cause gasoline and jet fuel prices to spike in B.C.

Morneau said more spending would be needed to complete the expansion, but gave no precise financial details, and stressed he felt the project should be returned to the private sector. Kinder Morgan makes about $200 million a year from selling space in the existing pipeline to oil companies to ship their product. "Given it will be stuck in court for a while, I don't think we will see this pipe built anytime soon".

Horgan said his concerns remain rooted in what he calls the limited scientific knowledge of how diluted bitumen behaves in water, as well as perceived gaps in prevention efforts and response plans in the event of a spill. "These are exceptional circumstances and should not be considered the norm", the association said. However, this is highly controversial in the province of British Columbia. "They are getting a very good value", said Paul Bloom at Bloom Investment Counsel Inc, which owns about 300,000 shares in Kinder Morgan Canada. "This project has more certainty than ever before".

Notley's New Democrats have been pushing for Trans Mountain since they were elected in 2015.

Alberta has agreed to put up to $2 billion on the table to cover off any unexpected costs during the sale or construction phases, and will receive equity or profit for any money it does put in.

"This is an extremely sad day for Canadian taxpayers", Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said during question period.