Trump Tweets He 'Wishes' He Hadn't Picked Jeff Sessions as Attorney General


Gowdy said the problem wasn't necessarily that there had been any wrongdoing in that case but that Sessions hadn't said before he became attorney general that he felt he couldn't take part in the matter. The President made the request on several occasions - each to no avail.

Trump quoted Gowdy as saying, "There are a lot of good lawyers in the country, he could have picked somebody else!"

The special counsel's reported interest Trump's meeting with the attorney general "demonstrates Mr. Sessions' overlooked role as a key witness in the investigation into whether Mr. Trump tried to obstruct" the Russian Federation investigation, the Times observed.

Warner said members on the panel are being pushed in different directions: Republicans to end the probe and Democrats to conclude there was collusion between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump's campaign.

Giuliani also took a shot at Gowdy's handling of the House Benghazi Committee, which he chaired as the panel investigated the 2012 terrorist attack that resulted in the loss of four American lives in Libya.

The agency did not, however, tell campaign officials that it might authorize informants to gather intelligence on them or their advisers.

In the past year, Trump has publicly referred to his attorney general as "beleaguered" and even referred to Sessions in February as "Mr. Magoo" behind closed doors, according to The Washington Post.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Giuliani said Trump "did know about the general arrangement" surrounding the payment, weeks after Trump denied any knowledge.

On Sunday Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said the investigation could ultimately result in an impeachment effort in Congress over alleged obstruction by the president.

Mueller's prosecutors have so far obtained guilty pleas from five individuals, including three former Trump campaign staffers, and indictments of 14 other people and three companies. Mak was focusing on a book about Trump called Lost Tycoon, which included something the author said Ivana shared during a sworn deposition: that she had been raped by her husband.

"The folks who have seen the information have the same perspective", Gowdy said.

"Deploying surveillance powers, counterintelligence powers, against an opposition party's campaign, that is not normal", he said, "and I think that is not what Americans want the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be doing". "And I wish I did!" the president added.