G-7 Officials Toil Through Night to Paper Over Differences


Later on Saturday, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said all seven nations had signed a joint communique at the end of the summit, Trump angrily lashed out on Twitter, stating the USA would not endorse the statement. "And that's the key point", Trump said.

Trump announced the withdrawal on Saturday via Twitter after Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau said his country would move forward with retaliatory tariffs against the U.S.in response to tariffs Trump recently implemented. The president, en route to Singapore, lashed out at the Canadian leader via Twitter, stating that the US will not endorse the communique.

Because of these issues and Trump's uncompromising attitude (he did not stay until the end of the meeting and left early for his summit with Kim Jung Un), an agreement could not be reached in Canada. He's proven himself to be a leader on the world stage. She also said the United States president wasn't entirely wrong in pressing Germany to increase defence spending.

The French President also condemned Trump over the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying that while it was the choice of the USA to participate in the deal, the U.S. should not prevent other nations from dealing with it.

Trump also predicts a positive outcome, emphasizing, his "good relationship" with "my friend" Macron, despite what he called "a little test" on trade.

At issue are USA tariffs against Canada and Trudeau's effort to retaliate against its neighbour - as well as Trudeau's comment to reporters that all seven leaders had come together to sign a joint declaration after the G-7 meeting.

Robertson said there are other issues on which there will be agreement and the primary significance of these meetings anyhow is that "leaders get together and have those frank discussions".

France called today (8 June) for more ambition from Germany in reforming the euro zone, saying Europe faced a "now or never" moment with rising external threats from the United States and China. On Thursday, the President declared the Canadian prime minister "indignant" on Twitter, decrying his trade views.

"The situation isn't very nice", Merkel said.

In European capitals and among delegations gathered here at a pristine golf resort, anxiety over the future of U.S. leadership has become more palpable than perhaps any other point in Trump's presidency, with the acrimony spilling into view just as the largest industrial nations hope to put forward a united front.

She also spoke about Trump's suggestion that Russian Federation be readmitted to the G-7, from which it was booted after its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Trump will skip sessions on climate change and the environment. "They all tried to hug him close, as we used to say about Blair and Bush".

"I would recommend - it's up to them". While Merkel, in the picture, can be seen standing behind a table with both hands pressed firmly into its surface atop some documents, Trump with his arms crossed stares back.