IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for


IHOP said on Monday that it's temporarily changing its branding because the B stands for burgers.

IHOP hosted a Twitter poll, taking guesses for what the B could stand for.

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, has changed its name to IHob.

As promised on June 7, the restaurant chain formerly known as IHOP announced the reason behind its name change on Monday, June 11. Fast-food chain Whataburger chimed in with, "As much as we love our pancakes, we'd never change our name to Whatapancake".

But Wendy's didn't buy it, and trolled the pancake-turned-burger house. The restaurant also offers a Big Brunch burger, with bacon, a fried egg, hashbrowns, American cheese and IHOP sauce.

According to a press release, the unexpected name change celebrates the debut of IHOb'S seven new Ultimate Steakburgers.

Meant to promote a new line of hamburgers as the restaurant chain tries to branch out from its breakfast niche, the switch is part of a marketing campaign and not an actual rebranding, company officials told CNN.

Reaction to the name change on social media ranges from excitement and anticipation to confused and baffled. Most internet users excited to try the new burgers and other's still knocking the chain and whole campaign. "For burgers", the company's Twitter bio now reads.

Rebelez reassured customers that it will always continue to serve the restaurant's famous pancakes and breakfast selections.