Kim Jong Un Takes Selfie During Night Out in Singapore


The two leaders are set to meet on Tuesday at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa for talks which could see North Korea dismantle its nuclear arsenal in return for economic help and security guarantees.

Highly unusually, North Korea's state-run media are already reporting on Mr Kim's trip to Singapore to meet Mr Trump. Create peace and great prosperity for his land.

Even Mr Kim's two recent trips overseas to neighbouring China were not reported to the North Korean population until he had returned home.

"If I think it won't happen, I'm not going to waste my time", he said. Trump left the summit early, and as he flew to Singapore, he tweeted that he was yanking the US out of the group's traditional closing statement.

In tamping down expectations, Trump himself has described this initial meeting as the start of a process.

White House officials have said Rodman will play no official role in the diplomatic negotiations.

And until denuclearisation takes place, sanctions against North Korea would remain in place, he stressed.

On Sunday evening Kim met with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Hours earlier, Kim had arrived in a jet and was received by Balakrishnan before heading to St Regis Hotel.

USA and North Korean officials have been holding preliminary meetings in the run-up to the Tuesday summit. He also told Lee the decision to hold the summit in the island city-state of Singapore was "made very consciously" and offered his gratitude.

"The ultimate objective we seek with diplomacy with North Korea has not changed".

On Tuesday, the two leaders will begin their meeting with a one-on-one session at 9 am local time.

But Trump - for whom a major accomplishment would bolster his position ahead of midterm elections in November - baffled observers when he said he did not think he had to prepare "very much" for the summit.

A government described as authoritarian by its critics has clamped down on protests thought strict loitering laws and a hard permitting process.

Kim Jong Un, center, tours the Esplanade in Singapore on Monday during a surprise late-night tour.

The American president travelled to Singapore from Canada and the tensions of the G-7 summit that centred largely on disputes over trade. It also has two presidential suites, so Trump and Kim won't have to duke it out over who gets the big room. The president arrived in Asia having blown up relations with US allies - and personally with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - over trade and Russian Federation, announcing via Twitter en route to Singapore that he'd withdraw from a joint agreement covering climate change and other issues.

Experts believe the North is close to being able to target the entire US mainland with its nuclear-armed missiles, and while there's deep skepticism that Kim will quickly give up those hard-won nukes, there's also some hope that diplomacy can replace the animosity between the USA and the North.

It is no easy task.