Memphis woman arrested for transporting kids in pet kennels, police say


A grandmother in Tennessee is expected in court this morning after she was charged with transporting two young children in pet kennels inside her vehicle.

The video shows a woman, who police identified as Cheeks, standing at the back of her SUV as one of her grandchildren climbs out of a kennel in the trunk.

The video was filmed on Saturday evening by a concerned citizen, KTLA sister station WREG in Memphis reported.

Cheeks told police that she traveled with the children in the kennel from Collierville to Whitehaven because there was no room for them in the auto, Cleveland 19 News reports.

Mrs Cheeks had also allegedly shut a seven-year-old child in a separate cage, both of which had an enclosed roof and only a small front-facing metal window.

Now, neighbors are asking why and are trying to piece together the thought behind her actions.

Neighbors of Leimome Cheeks expressed shock, saying she was a 'very nice woman'. She seems like a nice lady. The attention grew so rabid that the Memphis Police Department issued a statement on Facebook saying they had been contacted by many people since the video went viral on social media.

The two children involved are now being questioned by the police, who told them that Mrs Cheeks claimed there was not enough space in the truck for them to sit safely.

Local 24 spoke with Cheeks' neighbors about her arrest.

"I think she needs some help".

Skylarr Blake, who lives a few doors down from Cheeks, said he couldn't imagine her doing such a thing.

WREG tried reaching the family for comment, but have not heard back.