Will Paul Manafort Flip on Donald Trump After Being Sent to Jail?


In fact, the judge specifically pushed back against Manafort's attorney Richard Westling when he questioned prosecutor Greg Andres, BuzzFeed News reported.

Others joined in speculation whether Paul Manafort would now have the motivation to flip on Trump, especially given what looks to be increasingly aggressive tactics from Robert Mueller to put the squeeze on Donald Trump's former campaign manager. He was first indicted last fall and has remained on home confinement.

Manafort is facing multiple charges of money laundering, bank fraud and illegal lobbying.

Manafort also faces 18 separate criminate charges in a federal court in Virginia. He gave a quick wave to his wife as he was taken into custody and led out of the courtroom.

But Manafort worked on the campaign for a critical period in the campaign, from April to August, 2016, which included the latter critical stages of securing delegates to win the nomination, and then to the Republican convention. "It totally exonerates me", Trump told journalists in front of the White House.

Washington, D.C., Federal District Judge Amy Berman Jackson sent the onetime power player to jail pending trial moments after he pleaded not guilty to the charges, brought against him and his associate, Konstantin Kilimnik of Moscow. She said she should not have to draft a court order spelling out the entire criminal code for him to avoid violations, reports Washington Post.

Judge Jackson revoked his bail, ruling in favor of prosecutors who had been pushing for Manafort to be jailed because they did not believe his release terms would prevent him from committing further crimes.

In response to the news, President Trump tried to downplay his ties to Manafort.

Paul Manafort, whose charges arise from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, is now confined to his home.

Mueller's team said in court filings that between 2006 and 2015, Manafort advised former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, who fled to Russian Federation after the Ukrainian revolution in 2014.

Prosecutors provided the judge with a summary of contacts they said were made with potential witnesses between February and April this year using encrypted text messaging apps.

Remind me again, why is Manafort on trial?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Manafort (right) was briefly Mr Trump's campaign manager in 2016 How is the Mueller investigation going?

Manafort's business partner Rick Gates, who was also charged with a slew of federal crimes earlier this year, had entered a plea deal with the Special Counsel and is working with prosecutors on the Russian Federation investigation. It's not clear exactly what Manafort knows, but he does appear to be a linchpin between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.