AMC comes for MoviePass with $20/month Stubs membership - and it sounds awesome


AMC theaters has announced a new proprietary ticket subscription service to rival MoviePass, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rival MoviePass charges $9.95 a month but AMC's version allows viewers to use it on IMAX and 3-D showings.

MoviePass and AMC have feuded in the past over specifics regarding MoviePass access to AMC theaters and even went so far as to take some AMC theaters out of the MoviePass cache.

Theatres chief executive Adam Aron pointedly said in a statement that AMC's program is at a "sustainable price". Since MoviePass slashed its monthly fee, questions have mounted over the long-term viability of its economics.

AMC Stubs A-List membership plan, which also features concessions discounts, will debut Tuesday.

Added Aron: "Other discounters, by contrast, will continue to be hemorrhaging cash". CNNMoney reported in May that MoviePass' parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, burns through approximately $21.7 million each month to keep MoviePass in operation.

Exhibitors like AMC have long argued that the company, a division of Helios and Matheson, has an unsustainable business model since it typically pays full price for every ticket sold to its users.

MoviePass has caught wind of AMC's A-List program, which they caustically tweeted about earlier Wednesday morning.

Although there is no carryover from week to week, AMC notes that all three movies can be seen on the same day (with a two-hour buffer between each show time) and that members can see individual movies they have previous seen.

Subscribers will be able to view three movies in a day, whilst being able to watch the same film twice.

AMC is estimating that subscription members will see an average of 2.5 movies a month. It was a smashing success when it came out a few years ago; so much so that the company had some difficulty keeping up with the number of subscribers it acquired in a short period.