Royal family's first gay wedding: Queen Elizabeth's cousin to tie the knot


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The latest royal breaking the mold is the Queen's cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten. Mountbatten made a jaw-dropping revelation two years ago when he confessed that he was struggling with his sexuality through his 16-year-long marriage with his wife Penny. Presumably, Lord Mountbatten and Penny are still on good terms, especially since they have children together, and especially since she'll be giving her ex-husband away at his wedding.

Penny Mountbatten told the Daily Mail that she believes the marriage will be the best for her former husband.

Ivar added: "We really are a amusing threesome", though, just in case it needed clarification, "not in that way".

Ms Thompson said she is helping Mr Coyle, an airline cabin services director, organise the wedding and that they "have got on from the first 10 seconds of meeting each other".

It seems as though everywhere we look, there's some new and exciting royal news. However, when he started to consider that Coyle never had the stable life that he'd had, he chose to get married again "for James".

'What I don't think Ivar realises is how much he has changed as a man since he came out. Only about 120 people will attend the wedding, which will take place at a small venue in Devon. James is hugely responsible for that because he's so much fun, ' she said.

Mountbatten is certainly not the first gay person in the 1,000-year history of British royalty: Even reigning kings such as Richard I The Lionheart, Edward II and James I are considered by biographers and historians to be among those who likely were homosexuals. "Of course that generation, they're completely cool about the concept of this".

"Sophie and Edward are aware of our plans and they are very happy for us".

The happy couple will get married on the Mountbatten estate, and will make history as the first-ever gay royal wedding in the British royal family. "It's brilliant, but I never thought I'd marry a man", Mountbatten said.

The ceremony itself will be private, just for Mountbatten's daughters, their close family, and friends.