The 46 most staggering lines from Donald Trump's Minnesota speech


"What the hell is going on?" asked Trump, prompting the crowd to chant "Build the wall!"

As the protester was being escorted from the venue, Trump laid into the man from the podium.

Trump as a protester is forcibly removed from Minnesota rally: "Was that a man or a woman?"

"You don't pass a major piece of legislation with there being errors in it, and so I don't know there's enough time", Mr. Meadows said at a Heritage Foundation event on Capitol Hill.

Wednesday night's rally came hours after Trump signed an executive order to detain families apprehended at the border together.

Since the Trump administration enacted the policy in April, more than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents.

After the disruption, Trump spoke about immigration issues in the United States - which he blamed on the democrats and the media.

During the rally, Trump also praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, predicting he'll "turn that country into a great, successful country", blamed Sen. McHale, if he did attend this rally, would be one of the few prominent figures in the National Basketball Association to support Trump in this public manner. "I became president and they didn't".

The rally took place in Duluth, Minn., where he rallied support for Peter Stauber, a county commissioner and a retired police officer, who is running to represent the congressional district that contains Duluth.