TIME cover features Trump towering over sobbing girl whose mother is detained


The photo, that subsequently went viral, succeeded to prick the conscience of many who condemned the ongoing painstaking separation of children at the borders from their parents and other loved ones.

The new cover combines a photo of the president with the now-iconic image taken by Getty Images' John Moore of a little girl sobbing while her mother is searched by border agents, something of a symbol of the pushback against the separation of children from their families at the U.S. -Mexico border. The mother and child were put into a van and driven off soon after, presumably to a detention center for processing.

Time's cover story asserts that America's president is the frontman for the country and the one who dictates what kind of country we are.

Cover of the July edition of Time magazine. "As I finished taking these photographs, I had to stop and take a few breaths".

Mr Moore said he told the boy: "It will be OK" and then felt guilty, because he did not know what the child's fate would be. Now - they're detained by border patrol.and could be separated. As the spotlight fell on their faces, their faces exuded a mix of fear and relief.

In Texas, hundreds of unaccompanied children, individual adults, and parents with their children are being kept in series of metal cages in an old warehouse.

"Most of us here had heard the news that the administration had planned to separate families, and these people really had no idea about this news, and it was hard to take these pictures knowing what was coming next", Moore said.

The House will vote Thursday on two immigration proposals.

Donald Trump may have announced the end to his breathtakingly cruel child separation policy yesterday. Church groups and human rights advocates have sharply criticised the policy, calling it inhumane.