Greek Boy Suffers Permanent Retina Damage After Staring Into Laser Pointer


Well, in case you were thinking about trying it, the New England Journal of Medicine would like to remind you that doing so is dumb as hell (our words, not theirs).

A 9-year-old boy burned a hole in his retina by repeatedly looking into a green laser pointer, which doctors discovered after he began complaining of decreased vision. There was also damage to two areas below the macular hole, CNN reported.

As a result, the boy's vision in his left eye was obliterated.

Not pointing a laser pointer in your eye is one of those pieces of advice that pretty much everyone follows, even if they've never seen what happens if you don't follow it. Androudi, who was one of the doctors who worked on the boy's case, added that the child's injury was especially serious, as the nerves in his eye were completely damaged by the laser burn. "This means that even if the surgery would be successful, the boy would not be able to see".

According to the vision report of the boy, his right eye's vision measured at 20/20 and his left eye's vision measured at 20/100. Eighteen months after he came in, there were no changes to the boy's vision.

A 9-year-old boy in Greece was left with damaged vision after staring into a laser pointer. "That can leave scar tissue behind and can cause bleeding". She said that not many children are willing to disclose their eye injuries.

A laser is usually so powerful that is can act like a burn. They might even end up with a blind spot right in the middle of the eye.

In Australia, laser pointers with a beam strength of greater than 1mW of light require written permission from the Federal government to be imported into the country.

The boy had been given the green laser pointer by his father.

Over in the United States, laser pointers with over five milliwatts of power are restricted by the Food and Drug Administration, though Androudi warned that these restrictions aren't consistently enforced, thus making powerful, intense pointers available for online purchase without any hitches.

Police have also been given permission to confiscate any lasers found on a person in a public place, search the individual and potentially arrest them.