Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell has 'no right' to fill Supreme Court vacancy


Republicans changed the rules during Gorsuch's confirmation to wipe out the main delaying tactic for Supreme Court nominees, the filibuster, and the need for 60 votes to defeat it.

Good morning. From the re-shaping of the Supreme Court to the latest in the investigation into Manafort's ties with Russian Federation, catch up with the Morning Briefing.

In a statement, ICNA Council for Social Justice, an Islamic social justice and human rights organization, said that it was not the first time that the court had allowed official racism and xenophobia to continue rather than standing up to it.

Denounced by Democrats and civil rights groups, the ruling has boosted Trump's administration as he faces intense opposition over his hardline policies on illegal immigration along the US-Mexican border. I say "arguably" because Kennedy probably won't be the last justice to retire under Trump; liberals Ginsburg and Breyer are retirement risks, as is conservative Clarence Thomas.

Pragmatically, with the Republicans in control of the Senate, the chances are very slim. "I'd like to have it announced right away so we can get to work on it", Grassley said. "If there is a Supreme Court vacancy, it takes priority".

His retirement, which takes effect on 31 July, gives Mr Trump a second Supreme Court appointment in his 17 months in office after he selected Neil Gorsuch past year, who has already become one of the most conservative justices.

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal told reporters that members of his party will have a voice and a vote.

The thing lawmakers from both sides agreed on Wednesday is that the stakes are incredibly high.

But I'll tell you what: "good woman", Trump said then.

Contrary to Matthews' fiery advice, Democrats in the minority have little power to block the nominations of the Republican president, unlike the Republicans who were in the majority when Obama was in power.

Abortion is likely to be one of the flash points in the nomination fight. "No nominee should be rammed through without due consideration and debate".