Woman found very much alive in morgue fridge


The unnamed female passenger was one of three people pronounced dead by paramedics who had been called to reports of an overturned vehicle on a road outside Carletonville, west of Johannesburg.

Mortuary technicians then found her alive in a morgue fridge several hours after the crash in which the victims' auto rolled, throwing all three occupants clear of the vehicle, killing two of them.

A woman in South Africa is being treated in hospital after being found alive inside a morgue fridge.

The woman has since been transferred to a hospital, where she's receiving treatment.

"When he pulled out the woman's body‚ he saw that she was breathing", a source told the outlet.

The ambulance company has maintained the woman "showed no form of life" after paramedics checked for a pulse and signs of breathing.

'You never expect to open a fridge and find someone int there alive. "The injuries, especially to her head, were so bad you could not work out her age or size", said Bradnick.

"The crew is absolutely devastated - we're not in the business of declaring living people dead, we're in the business of keeping people alive", he said.

An investigation is being carried out, with the shocked family of the un-named woman demanding answers.

Mr Bradnick said an advanced life support paramedic from another ambulance service witnessed the death declaration form and there is no proof of any negligence of anyone in the ambulance crew.

He said: "As a family we won't talk about this unless the police, paramedics and the mortuary officials who were involved are present".

"That's all we want [answers] and we don't have any clarity now", one family member told the BBC. Now, the Gauteng Health Department is trying to figure out how the misdeclaration of death happened.