Netflix plots price hikes with subscriptions overhaul


If Netflix does cut the number of simultaneous screens in half for its Premium plan, that would be akin to a price hike for those who share the service with three other users.

This Ultra level is priced at €16.99 ($19.78) per month, which is €3 more than the Premium tier that already supports Ultra HD content and four screens.

To add further insult to injury, some users also report the test halving the number of screens for both premium and standard users in order to make Ultra look more appealing.

It may sound odd to be ”testing” a price increase but Netflix often tests new features or changes with its users to evaluate the effects. Currently, the SD plan gives you 1 stream the HD standard plan offers 2 and the Premium plan offers 4 streams.

Currently, it costs £9.99 to subscribe to the Premium tier, which includes access to 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos where available. Similarly, the Standard plan may be downgraded to just one display. This report is based on promotional material that some Italian consumers had received from the video streaming platform.

Netflix has a history of testing out changes like this overseas before they bring them to the United States.

Meanwhile, in a statement to CNET, Netflix has said that it is "continuously" testing new things and that a test does not necessarily indicate plans for a full rollout.

Netflix's current plans go for €7.99, €10.99, and €13.99 respectively.

Netflix's testing of limiting the functionality of its other plans to make the new Ultra plan more appealing is a tactic that may make sense from a business point of view but it is not really clear why the company is not simply testing a price increase of its Premium plan instead as it supports all the features of the Ultra plan at this point.