LeBron James early season favorite for MVP


However, what has so far not gone to plan is the part of the script that wanted other National Basketball Association stars rushing to The King's new court in California. Nike workers have begun taking down the iconic LeBron James banner outside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday after LeBron announced he's moving to the LA Lakers for a whopping $153 million contract.

The Chicago Bulls no longer have to get past LeBron James in the Eastern Conference (that is, when they are competitive again) as he has chosen to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

This new strategy likely will require LeBron to alter his game, as well, allowing Rondo and rookie Lonzo Ball to do a bit more ball-handling.

Paul George, in many ways, appeared to be the ideal candidate. Signing a four-year contract, James joins the Lakers making them even more formidable than before. This is especially true considering that James agreed to a multi-year deal, which is something he was not willing to do with Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Indians haven't won the World Series in 70 years, but they came close just two seasons ago.

At the very least, it should be an entertaining season in L.A.

After just two days into the offseason, Clint Capela is headlining the remaining free agent class, and the Lakers should take advantage of this.

While the signings might seem a little questionable, the plan makes a lot of sense.

Following LeBron's decision this past Sunday, Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid threw shade LeBron's way. "You know the Big Baller don't ever be on mute!" he proclaims, before promoting his JBL league kicking off later this month. "I think that's been overstated". According to an unnamed Schultz source, James didn't speak to the current Lakers coach when being recruited by the team or after joining. James reportedly sent Kevin Durant a text to try and woo the two-time NBA Finals MVP to the Lakers.

Here's the reality of the situation: no matter what uniform he wears, LeBron James is going to be LeBron James, and it doesn't matter if Lonzo Ball is tagging along for the ride or not.

The supporting cast around LeBron James was not good enough to win a championship last season, and no one is surprised he wanted a change of scenery.

LeBron left to pursue new challenges both on and off the court.