Statue of Liberty climber awaits court appearance in NY


The National Park Service made a decision to evacuate more than 4,000 visitors from Liberty Island on Wednesday "out of an abundance of caution", said spokesman Jerry Willis.

The woman who climbed up the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July for three hours, prompting an evacuation of the island and an emergency police response, is now facing charges of trespassing, interference with government agency functions, and disorderly conduct.

A woman who scaled the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July to protest the Trump administration's handling of immigration issues was arrested after a confrontation with police.

The woman stopped at the bottom of the statue itself, laying and sitting under Lady Liberty's half-raised right foot, some 100 feet (30m) above ground level. For almost three hours, she sat at the base of the statue, sometimes sitting in the folds of the statue's dress and under Lady Liberty's sandal.

The climber ascended from the observation point, National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis said. He said federal rules do not allow banners to hang at the monument, which is run by the park service.

Rise and Resist NYC, which organised the protest, said the woman's climb had not been part of the group's plans. She declared she wouldn't come down until "all the children are released", a source with the New York Police Department told CNN.

Authorities involved said Okoumou, who is a member of the Rise and Resist movement, was protesting the separation of migrant families. "We don't know if she did it on the spur of the moment or if she had been planning it beforehand", group member Jay Walker told The New York Daily News. She abandoned the climb and the rescuers took her into custody.

Action group Rise and Resist organised the earlier protest at the Statue of Liberty, which was broadcast live on social media.

Police could be seen talking with the woman in an apparent attempt to coax her down via a ladder that had been secured to the statue's pedestal.

An organiser of the group, Martin Joseph Quinn, said that the woman's actions were not a part of the protests planned against Trump's immigration policies.

A Fourth of July protester who scaled the base of the Statue of Liberty in what prosecutors call a "dangerous stunt" will face a judge in NY.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said the president's immigration policy is a step forward for public safety. The other protesters held a banner over the railing at the base of the statue.

'An ABOLISH ICE banner was hung from the statue, and activists spelled out the same message on their shirts.