LeBron James Approved All Of Lakers’ Recent Acquisitions


Lebron James signed a 4-year, $154m deal with the Lakers Sunday, after spending the last 4 years with the Cleveland Lebron Jamesaliers.

Before assuming that LeBron is going to become an even better player because he gets to play with Lonzo, it would probably be best for Lonzo himself to just focus on actually earning the starting point guard job.

The Bryant mural saw a change, with James' face taped on it.

In 2014, LeBron returned to the Cavs after a dalliance with a more attractive suitor from South Beach, because after four years he realized the grass may have been more lush in Miami but not almost as familiar. The prospect of the pair teaming up at the Staples Center no longer appears a matter of "when" rather than "if".

James didn't stay in the Los Angeles area when he made his free agency decision. After the rebuilding Lakers beat James' then Cleveland Cavaliers in a game last March, the team's newest star spoke about the improvement that he has seen since Walton was an assistant and interim head coach for the Golden State Warriors from 2014 to 2016.

On Monday, NBA salary-cap expert Larry Coon reported on Spectrum SportsNet that the Spurs could be seeking Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, two first-round picks and two pick swaps.

Rondo is a familiar figure to Lakers fans, and not necessarily in a good way. Mark Gilbert is new to LA and is now a newly minted Lakers fan.

Per ESPN's sources, Johnson pitched a radically different plan to "stock" the Lakers with "tough-minded playmakers" who don't have to rely on James to create offense for them.

It might not make them immediate championship contenders but this move brings the Lakers back to relevancy.

O'Neal went west as a free agent in 1996, embracing the advantages of living in Hollywood while moonlighting as an actor and rapper. "You know the Big Baller don't ever be on mute!" he proclaims, before promoting his JBL league kicking off later this month.