Donald Trump to meet Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth during UK visit


U.S. Ambassador to Britain Woody Johnson painted trade as a potential bright spot in the strong "special relationship" between Britain and the United States, which he said Trump meant to strengthen.

He said the special relationship between the two countries is "as strong now as it has ever been, and I see it every day".

May will meet at Chequers for a series of bilateral talks.

He and the First Lady will travel to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the spectacular 18th-century birthplace of Mr Trump's hero Winston Churchill, for a formal dinner with business leaders hosted by Mrs May. On Friday, Mr. Trump and Mrs.

The president then plans to head to Windsor Castle to meet Queen Elizabeth II before moving to Scotland for the weekend.

Protestors wave flags and carry banners as they take part in a rally in Brussels on July 7, 2018, against the forthcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit and scheduled visit of US President Donald Trump on July 11 and12.

Ambassador Johnson said: "The president is not avoiding anything".

Protesters are planning to fly a blimp over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby during his visit after Khan approved a request for its use.

Mrs May's spokeswoman said the balloon was a matter for the Greater London Authority but said: "As with any protest, we are a free and open democracy and we believe in the right to peaceful protest. The president is merely trying to get as impactful a trip as he can get in a 24-hour period". The U.K. on Thursday called on the Kremlin to fill in further clues about the March attack-which Britain has blamed on Russian Federation but Moscow has denied-to help U.K. authorities keep members of the public safe.

Smyth, 64, who has been inundated with press interviews over the last two days, said he was surprised by the amount of calls of support he's recieved from young people about the celebration.

Mr. Trump and Mrs.

Opposition lawmakers, backed by an online petition signed by almost 1.9 million people, called on May to cancel the state visit offered when she met Trump in Washington after his inauguration in January past year.

Johnson said Trump's visit to Britain is meant to improve relations, and said trade between the countries has risen 21 percent since the start of the year. May said he was wrong to share an anti-Islam video posted by an anti-immigrant group. Trump has shown irritation before at protests in the United States. May has also expressed interest in such an agreement, but any deal can't be finished until the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union, expected in early 2019.

"And he will get it done fast, because I know it is a major priority for him".

The president will tour some of England's most impressive historic buildings before heading to Scotland, where he's expected to spend time on the golf course.

Protestors will be on standby to race to one of Trump's two golf resorts in Scotland in case he visits.

Smyth said he hopes that he'll have the chance to thank President Trump.