YouTube vlogger among three killed in waterfall plunge in Canada


The vloggers were part of the travel collective "High On Life" whose YouTube videos urged viewers to explore the world outside of their comfort zone.

The cousin of a man who fell into a pool of a waterfall north of Vancouver says Charles Ryker Gamble lived an adventurous life travelling around the world but he'll be remembered most for attempting to help his best friend before he died.

Gamble and Lyakh and another man were banned from setting foot on U.S. federal land for five years in 2017 after walking on a sensitive hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.

The trio were swimming at the top of Shannon Falls in Squamish, British Columbia on Tuesday when they slipped and fell into a pool 98ft below, local police siad.

Lyakh, pictured above with girlfriend Scraper, co-founded the channel with Gamble. Gamble and Lyakh, both 30, were apparently trying to rescue Scraper, 29, who had slipped and was drawn into fast-moving water.

The bloggers were all in their 20s and 30s, according to The Telegraph.

A delicate search and rescue operation stretching into two days turned into a recovery mission.

The three bodies were recovered at the top of the falls in an area only accessible by ropes.

Gamble's Instagram page has more than 1.1 million followers. The social media personalities were known for posting stunning videos and photos of daring feats and travel.

"It's a very unfortunate circumstance hopefully we can all learn from". Since the tragedy on July 3, the remaining members of the group have released a video to tribute the lives of Ryker, Alexey, and Megan.

One of Gamble's family members confirmed to AP that he was dead.

A GoFundMe page has also been created by the group to help pay for a memorial "to commemorate the handsome lives and legacies that these 3 friends left behind".

The group set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for their "loved ones".

The High On Life crew ran afoul of the law for wandering off the pathway to see the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park in 2016.

The group has run in to trouble for their dare-devil antics. Through the use of social media and tips from the public, additional investigations were conducted about the group's activities on other federal lands. Brown was fined but not given jail time, according to Times Colonist. When standing at the face of such natural wonder, we were drawn to it.