Harry Kane Odds on for the Golden Boot


England play Sweden in the World Cup quarter-final in Samara at 3pm United Kingdom time on Saturday.

Despite some disappointing early performances, the 23-year-old's speed was a constant threat to Sweden's defence in England's 2-0 quarter-final win on Saturday. But her husband has made plans if England reach the final - with the couple both believing the World Cup is heading home.

Under Southgate, this young squad has seen its popularity soar in the eyes of the English public and Kane says a happy family atmosphere around the camp is serving as extra motivation to extend their campaign.

"We got him an England kit a few weeks ago and he's pretty much refused to take it off since".

And now BetStar think that he might be on his way out, with a lot of top clubs reportedly ready to get him onboard. We've been playing well, we're learning and we're all enjoying it.

"We're going to try our hardest", he assured. Challenger Kylian Mbappé is three goals behind, and Romelu Lukaku is the only one close to Kane and in phenomenal form. Check out the updated odds below and then visit SportsLine to see picks and analysis from an worldwide football insider. Harry is probably even more physical than Van Dijk which is another plus and I'd see them as a great combination. Given the money we have, that the Premier League is the biggest league in the world, and we've got St George's Park, we have what you need to be successful, so the minimum we... "You want to forget about it and lock yourself away", Alli said. We are not finished yet. "We looked like we controlled the game". "But now, with him being captain of England, that's even better".

"As players, as a professional, we know our job on and off the pitch".

The former West Ham player said one big difference was that while his generation knew little about the fervour in the country during the tournament, today's players keep in touch through social media.