Local expert speaks about Trump's Supreme Court pick


On Monday's MidPoint, we focused on how the next justice could impact the rights of women in the USA and here in Florida. President Trump is expected to announce his choice for Supreme Court justice on Monday evening.

The White House would love to have the Democrats' votes for confirmation.

Trump tweeted later Sunday that he was looking forward to the announcement and said an "exceptional person will be chosen!"

"Well, it's still - let's say it's the four people. Every one, you can't go wrong".

While the U.S. Senate once required a 60-vote supermajority to overcome blocking tactics against Supreme Court nominees, the Republican majority changed the rules a year ago during the debate on Justice Neil Gorsuch.

In a wider sense, his nominee will also represent a triumph for conservatism and the organized effort to promote vetted conservative judges that offered McConnell a pipeline of candidates for lower courts and now is reaching the ultimate prize - a solid Supreme Court majority. Some of those victories were made possible by the swing vote of Anthony Kennedy, whose retirement handed Trump a golden ideological opening.

"I am concerned that he's making it like a game show", Sen.

The White House invited a number of senators to attend the Monday night announcement, including Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and committee member Kennedy. She no longer hears cases. He co-authored a book with Army veteran Mike Erwin of The Positivity Project published past year called "Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude".

Sure to be controversial is a 2017 decision involving the alleged targeting of Hispanics for questioning by Border Patrol agents.

"It's an historic decision".

Is there a Supreme Court sign in these tea leaves? "It's important to have people who are extremely well known and have distinguished records". She was a law clerk for Scalia.

Barrett - a longtime Notre Dame Law School professor who became a federal appeals judge last fall - excited social conservatives with her testimony when she was questioned about her Roman Catholic faith in her nomination hearings a year ago. Barrett is also seen as a potentially divisive nominee because of statements she's made about her Catholic faith and about abortion. "Barrett said she tends to agree "with those who say that a justice's duty is to the Constitution", rather than a precedent she thinks is clearly in conflict with it". He said all four judges on Mr. Trump's shortlist are highly qualified to fill the vacancy on the highest court. He was the first in his family to go to college, at the University of Notre Dame, then worked as a taxi driver to finance his legal education at Georgetown Law School.

Former Sen. Jon Kyl will guide President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee through the Senate confirmation process.

Kavanaugh was a favorite of some high-profile boosters, inside and outside the White House, but his stock has fallen off since Friday for a couple reasons: his ties to former President George W. Bush and the potential difficulty in getting him confirmed. Kavanaugh worked specifically on the suicide investigation of Vince Foster.

Here's why: Kavanaugh's court rarely issues opinions on Monday. He was also said to be strongly interested in Kavanaugh.

Trump's aides have prepared briefing books and booked television spots for whomever he picks, anticipating that they'll have little time to spare between his decision and the reveal, sources tell ABC News. And that is a big if.

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Raymond Kethledge of MI, who also has many high-profile supporters who see him as a positive alternative to the other three. I'm open to voting no.

One Democrat from a red state, Alabama's Doug Jones, told CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that he did not rule out voting for Trump's nominee. Graham said on "Fox News Sunday".

"I do think the president has to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed here", added Sen.