Thanos Brings Balance To Reddit


It's a reference to a common fan theory that everyone who died at the end of "Infinity War" actually now resides in Thanos' Soul Gem.

The IRL Thanos, Josh Brolin, added to the terrifying subscriber purge by recreating the famous Thanos snap via the Russo brothers Twitter.

Topless, from the comfort of a bed, and with pristine looking hair, Brolin recorded a short message for the subreddit in which he stares directly into the camera and then executes his notorious finger snap-the same gut-wrenching finger snap that tore the Marvel Cinematic Universe asunder a few months ago.

Now if it is legit, it's possible that the sub is fake (a lot of the big subs, DC, Marvel, TV, movie subs Reddit are run by employees and/or shills) and was created by Marvel themselves, and that they have some sort of script to ban half of the current 569,004 Black Order members (or the mods have a script).

"The sub-wide balance will take place on July 9th PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (The exact time of the ban is a secret)". Since then news of the impending ban has gone viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers (so much for halving the population) and causing r/thanosdidnothingwrong to become subreddit of the day on July 9. To mirror the baddie's quest, subreddit and Thanos fan page r/thanosdidnothingwrong is banning half of its subscribers with the snap of its (metaphorical) fingers. The forum is building its follower base rapidly after news of the cleansing went viral, as fans of Infinity War are dying to see if they will be wiped out, or lucky enough to stay on the subreddit.

At the time of the mass banning's start, the subreddit had over 714,000 users who had willingly subscribed to meet their doom (or not). Thanos saw this happen on his home planet of Titan and was cast out after suggesting genocide to ultimately save his world.

The Avengers 4 gets released May 3, 2019.