‘Three Lions’ roars up charts as England prepare for World Cup semi


The frenzied Three Lions fan was one of many celebrating the quarter-final success of England against Sweden when the celebrations turned ugly.

An hour later when fans were still in the stadium and singing their hearts out, Southgate returned to the pitch and waved his arms as if conducting an orchestra.

Gary Lineker, who was a part of the 1990 squad and now working as a broadcaster, tweeted - it actually might bloody well come home, the real one!

Throw it away Gonna blow it away But I know they can play 'Cause I remember.

It's not hard to figure out that it's World Cup related, but the origins of the saying actually go back over 20 years.

If you should be in England during the World Cup, you will hear it uttered every few minutes as if it were a totally casual remark: "Oy, mate, it's coming home", one lad will say to another.

Three Lions has been buzzing around the office all summer.

A re-worked version with new new lyrics for the 1998 World Cup in France also spent three weeks at the summit.

It shows the team spirit - the most inexperienced squad at the 2018 World Cup have made it to the final four!

In recent past, England only had World Cup appearances to forget.

Three Lions (It's Coming Home), recorded with friend David Baddiel and The Lightning Seeds, was first released back in 1996 for the Euro Championships.

Without a doubt, the shining star in this England side, Harry Kane is the leading the race for the Golden Boot having scored 6 out of England's 11 goals so far in the competition.

"Gareth, good luck. Stick to what you're doing, I'm behind you", he added.

"We got out we download and we stream "Three Lions", and we get it to Number 1".

"The biggest thing about it is there's always euphoria over England and sometimes it's misplaced and sometimes it's over the top and being a Scot, or an Irishman or a Welshman that can rankle with you a little bit".