Who’s in line to take over from David Davis as Brexit Secretary?


As head of the Brexit ministry, Davis was the public face of Britain's negotiating team, but in reality had been overshadowed for months by May and her aides.

Therefore, in the interests of our country and the future of the Conservative Party, I feel the time has come for a new leader and so I am writing this letter to inform you that I have no confidence in the Prime Minister.

All we have asked from the Prime Minister, is that she sticks to what she has promised on repeated occasions, when she declared that "Brexit means Brexit" and pledged to take back control of our money, borders and laws.

But so far she has stood firm in her resolve to hold on to her leadership and insists that she is confident of seeing through her proposals for a smooth exit from the EU.

Walkouts on Tuesday by a pair of little-known Tory vice-chairs, Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield, did not have the impact of Johnson's resignation, and the party's campaign machine will roll on smoothly without them.

Boris Johnson followed Davis in resigning as foreign secretary a day later, plunging the government into more of a mess than it was in already.

In 1982, three foreign office ministers quit, taking responsibility for Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands.

"Good riddance, Boris Johnson" reads the headline on an online opinion piece by the New York Times' editorial board.

"When he says the Brexit dream is dying, he's really talking about the perspective he had on Brexit, but in my view that was never a live possibility in any instance".

May, having finally signalled her vision for Brexit, spent two hours in parliament defiantly defending the plans and called for Brussels to engage fully or risk the damaging prospect of Britain leaving the bloc with no deal in place.

"I can only regret that the idea of Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson".

If a number of would-be leaders are nominated, the list is whittled down to a shortlist of two by MPs before being put to party members in the country. Brexit-supporting lawmakers were angered by the proposals, saying they would keep Britain tethered to the bloc and unable to change its rules to strike new trade deals around the world.

"It's regrettable it hasn't been resolved yet, I think there should be less hype and over spinning and let's focus on detailed negotiations".

Britain's Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox leaves Downing Street after this morning's cabinet meeting in Westminster, London, Britain, July 10, 2018.

Other ministers described the meeting as "very good".

The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling newspaper, said there had been "blunder after blunder" by May. The direct effect of European Union law will end when we leave the EU. "Brexit must and will happen". Hunt campaigned to stay in the European Union, though since has said would vote to leave if the referendum were held now.

The major issues for Britons were concerns about immigration, sovereignty and the sums paid to the EU.

Mrs May continues to insist that "no deal is better than a bad deal" and has ordered preparations to be stepped up, but there is little doubt that many within Government view the prospect of quitting the European Union next March without any agreement as deeply unattractive.

The newly appointed foreign secretary was previously the longest-serving health secretary in history and is seen as a stable figure in May's government, maintaining a "studious loyalty to the prime minister throughout her current difficulties", The Independent says.