Zappala vows to protect abortion rights


Many expected Kennedy's retirement to put a pro-life, conservative judge on the court who would help overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that prevented states from outlawing some abortions. Those laws - passed long after Roe was handed down - would make abortion illegal if and when the Supreme Court were to say Roe is no more.

"I stand for the sanctity of life", Pence said separately.

"And I will say, I'm a little - I'm a little annoyed that some of my colleagues, even before the president laid down Judge Kavanaugh's name, had already determined that they were going to vote against whomever", Murkowski said.

Fears that Brett Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade if confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court aren't valid, Sen.

"Kavanaugh was chosen because he lives up to Trump's litmus test and will be a vote to end Roe v. Wade, criminalize abortion, and punish women".

"Roe has been attacked so persistently for the last four decades - and reproductive choice has been so limited, particularly for women without access to clinics and hospitals that offer both abortion and contraception - that I doubt the strategy will be to completely dismantle Roe", Dzuback said.

The debate over abortion rights is occupying center stage in NY politics, with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon having waved a wire coat hanger at a rally and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's campaign using two of his two daughters in an appeal for funds from choice advocates. "The things to be anxious about are the future cases. that's where a Justice Kavanaugh, if confirmed, can make a difference", said Fitzpatrick.

What would the USA look like without Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion nationwide? The known states to have implemented such "trigger" laws are Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota, with another dozen or so states having pre-Roe abortion bans still on the books ready to re-enact if it is federally overturned.

Arizona, unlike other states, does not have a "trigger" statute, one that would automatically enact - or reenact - new restrictions on abortions if the Supreme Court gives states that power.

A Caribbean American legislator has been arrested for protesting United States President Donald J. Trump's nominee for the US Supreme Court. I think they have more interests than that, but every time we get to one of these judgeship nominations, that becomes the single, sole issue to Democrats.

"I think his confirmation will go well", Hatch said during brief remarks to reporters before meeting more privately with Kavanaugh.

The case that's actually closest to the Supreme Court, noted Myrick, is a challenge to an IN law that would outlaw abortion if the woman is seeking it for sex selection or because the fetus could be disabled. Martinez said that suggests the state's law from the 1960s that criminalizes abortion is out of step with residents' current beliefs. "And there's no way anybody would ever think of overturning Roe v. Wade,'" Cuomo said. It can then, with no Roe v. Wade president, order a national removal of the pancreas. "But candidates in primaries are going to hope it motivates their particular base to come to the polls and vote for them". "That would be binding precedent of the court", he said.