Who will be picked in the NFL Supplemental Draft?


I doubt the Dolphins will select any players this year. They should certainly consider it and potentially bid a late-rounder for a guy like Beal - even though it won't be enough to get him - but anything more than a fifth-round pick should be out of the question.

The draft itself will start at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday and won't last very long. He indicated that the Giants were able to conduct a "very thorough conversation" with the team's scouts who had seen Beal.

The Rams can't expect to sign everyone, especially with an extension for Aaron Donald likely coming at some point. For instance, one team can make a second-round bid on a player. If a player is not selected in the first round, the process repeats in the second round, and so on.

The Western Michigan prospect does not come with off-field concerns like other players that have come through the Supplemental Draft. This is significant because if a team selects a player in the supplemental draft it automatically loses that choice in the corresponding round of next year's National Football League draft.

Often, players entering the draft are college prospects who have an off-the-field issue (or two or three) that have them ineligible for their upcoming collegiate campaign.

One thing to know about the Supplemental Draft is that it is not executed in the same way as the regular draft. Quarterback Bernie Kosar was selected in the 1985 supplemental draft and wide receiver Josh Gordon in 2012. Essentially, both teams are getting their picks a year early. That turn of events angered several other teams and directly led to a change in the way the Supplemental Draft is conducted. The Browns had the fourth pick in each round behind the Raiders, Jets, and Giants.

Kosar, Humphrey and Moore are among the supplemental picks that worked out well for their teams, as was Navy offensive lineman Mike Wahle to Green Bay in 1998. Add in the fact the coaching staff is anything but certain beyond 2018 and using a 2019 draft asset on a player for 2018, which may then not fit a new coaching staff doesn't seem prudent. He could end up playing safety at the next level if his athleticism proves to be an issue. The promising cornerback, who was a two-year starter at Western Michigan, provides the Giants with an injection of talent at a position of need.

To make room for Alexander on the roster, the Redskins waived punter Sam Irwin-Hill after signing him as a free agent in March.

Brandon Bryant didn't get taken in Wednesday's supplemental draft, but the Mississippi State product found a home nonetheless. In fact, there could be as three players selected this season.