FIFA Ask Broadcasters To Reduce Shots Of Attractive Female Fans


FIFA president Gianni Infantino celebrated what he described as the "best World Cup" ever on Friday, thanks to the quality of football and organisation in Russian Federation.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed (per journalist Joe Crann, who was present at the event) that the tournament will begin on 21 November, with the final being played on 18 December. Instead of occurring after most leagues around the world conclude, it'll be held during mid-season.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino says they will be invited to come to London, where the world's best player prize will be presented on September 24. "Nobody has asked - that means it's accepted, it's working, it's working well", Infantino said.

With World Cup costs for travel and tickets - $105 for the cheapest seats at group games for visitors - always rising, the different audience for games helps explain changing patterns of behaviour. "Around a million people have come to Russian Federation and everyone has discovered a wonderful and welcoming country".

"He's one of the world's top players and I'm convinced that we'll see him play better".

Infantino said Qatar can insist on keeping a 32-team format, though he is "pretty sure that all options will be on the table". "We want more African and Asian teams so we are increasing the number of overall teams".

He added it was not yet part of a "proactive campaign" but said "we'll take action against things that are wrong".

The World football governing body's Medical Committee Chairman, Michel D'Hooghe, said in a statement that the "testing programme in place this year was the largest ever conducted for a FIFA World Cup".

"VAR is not changing football, VAR is cleaning football, making football more honest, more transparent", he said. "The goal scored from an offside position is finished in football, at least in football with VAR".