Amazon’s Having a Flash Sale on Its Bestselling Portable Charger


When will offers begin to appear? From July 14 to 17, when you shop at Whole Foods and pay with an Amazon Prime Rewards card, you'll get 10% off your entire bill of $400 or less.

According to the Observer, Spanish employees launched a general strike on 10 July in the lead-up to Prime Day, and have encouraged workers in other parts of Europe-including Italy, France, Germany, Poland and England-to take part.

As well as TVs and laptops, there are usually big savings on books, smartphones and popular DVD box sets.

As was the case last year and the year prior, if you own an Alexa device (Echo, Echo dot, etc), you can ask her on Monday for the best deals and there are some serious buys. "You are also likely to see bulk discounts when purchasing two or more of select items".

"For example", it wrote, "Kohl's and Macy's are running huge promotions right now that don't specifically mention Amazon Prime Day - but clearly seemed aimed at preempting Amazon's big sales event". And if you stick with your Prime membership after July, you'll continue to get a bundle of free games each month through Twitch-much like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

Along with the extra six hours, Amazon Prime Day is extending to four new countries this year: Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Both eBay Plus and Amazon Prime have a free trial period, enabling users to participate in the sales promo for free. Amazon is gearing up to give tough competition to its competitors; by the end of the next year, it is likely that Amazon will account for half of United States e-commerce sales.

The app allows you to add these teased Prime Day deals to your shopping list (wish list).

While Amazon is more reliable than a lot of online retailers, it's still worth checking if you're actually getting a bargain. Throughout the sale, Amazon will offer a lot of deals and discounts on products across various categories.

Subscribers are especially important to Amazon, and CEO Jeff Bezos famously confessed that there is a direct connection between media content and shopping by stating, "When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes".