Trump rejects Putin's proposal to let Russia interrogate US citizens


Russia is ready to discuss a proposed new meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his USA counterpart Donald Trump, Interfax news agency cited Russia's ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, as saying on Friday.

Moscow signaled openness to another meeting between the two leaders, as Trump continued to face criticism over his first meeting with his Russian counterpart in Helsinki, where he seemed to accept Putin's denials of meddling in the 2016 election - despite findings by U.S. intelligence services.

The Kremlin is considering an invitation for Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the United States this fall, Moscow's chief USA diplomat said Friday.

"I got severely criticized by the Fake News Media for being too nice to President Putin", he tweeted.

Trump brought up Coats by name at his Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin, then sided with Putin's claim that he didn't interfere in the elections.

News of Trump's invitation to Putin appeared to catch even the president's top intelligence official by surprise.

The coveted invitation was sure to be seen as a victory by Putin, whose last official visit to the United States was in July 2007, when he spent two days at the Bush family compound.

It was one of the "most disgraceful performances" by an American president in memory, Republican Senator John McCain had said.

"That's going to be special", he added, prompting laughter from the audience.

The summit saw President Trump spent two hours in private with his Russian counterpart before answering journalists' questions.

However it seems few, if any of his other constituents were aware of the decision to host the controversial Russian leader on home soil, if Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats' reaction is anything to go by.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi urged House Speaker Paul Ryan to make clear that Putin wouldn't be invited to address Congress if he visits Washington.

She said the US hopes Putin will have the indicted Russians "come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt".

There has been no word from Russian Federation about a second Trump-Putin meeting. "In the United States, in Russian Federation, or anywhere else", he said in a statement. "So Republicans have told and are still telling witnesses "'do not come in" to intelligence committee hearings and "'don't tell the Democrats anything, '" Schiff alleged.

Trump had praised the proposal on Monday as an "incredible offer" and Sanders later described it as an "interesting idea" that was being discussed internally.

No Russian leader has visited the White House in almost a decade and it would be a diplomatic coup for Mr Putin, who has been isolated by the West for activities in Ukraine, Syria and the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

"We discussed lots of great things for both countries, frankly".

"I mean I had these - some of these fools from the media saying, 'Why didn't you stand there, look him in the face, walk over to him, and start shouting at him?' I said, 'Are these people insane?"