Robert De Niro joins cast of Joker movie, alongside Joaquin Phoenix


According to THR, living legend Robert De Niro is now in talks to join the movie.

Phillips will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with writer Scott Silver (The Fighter). If Warner Bros. seals the deal with De Niro, he will portray some sort of talk show host who will play an integral role in the Joker's backstory.

Originally, the project could have once again reunited De Niro with frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese (De Niro stars in the director's next film The Irishman), but EW has confirmed that the filmmaker is no longer on board as a producer. Let us know what you think about this news in the COMMENTS section below, and please keep in mind to LIKE and SHARE this video on your social media.

Deadline adds that it has been told by sources that De Niro's character is not a villain.

The movie is set to be the first to launch under a new banner for Warner Bros. and its DC Comics properties on film, previously rumored to be called "DC Dark" or "DC Black". But it turns out he's bad at it, and he turns to an act of crime out of desperation to provide for his family.

Phoenix plays The Joker in the film, but even then we don't exactly know what that means. As opposed to the iconic turn Jack Nicholson took in the Joker role in Tim Burton's Batman, De Niro will be bringing his iconic status to a different role.

Rumors of De Niro's involvement surfaced earlier in the year, but this marks confirmation of his interest. Maybe Joaquin Phoenix's turn as the Joker will go down as the best in history. Filming begins in the fall on the pic, which is expected to be released under a new DC banner.